CPR in the Media: How Grey’s Anatomy and House Incorrectly Depict the Practice

Aug 27, 2015

greys anatomy season 11 episode 15 screenshotMost of us have been there: so engrossed in the weekly drama of a television show that we dedicate an entire weeknight to watching. For some, this show takes place in a hospital and delves into the very personal (and sometimes glamorous) lives of the surgeons, specialists and nurses. These popular medical dramas, such as House, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice have been created to directly mimic the look and feel of a hospital. Often, viewers might forget that these “doctors” are actually just actors without an actual medical degree.

Staying Healthy and Active: 8 Benefits of HIIT Workouts

Aug 18, 2015

high intensity interval workout training infographic thumbnail imageHigh-intensity interval training, or HIIT, workouts are on the rise. They are tailored programs depending on the needs and desired outcomes of the individual, but are all essentially timed combinations of aerobic and strength training exercises with higher bouts or energy and recovery periods.

The Best Guide to Acing your Nursing Job Interview

Aug 12, 2015

screenshot of linked infographic belowPicture this: You have just gotten an interview for your dream nursing
interview post graduation. You feel completely qualified, but have never
undergone an official interview for this type of position, or you
haven’t been interviewed in a long time.This nerve-wrecking
reality is more common than you might think. In fact, almost everyone
experiences this at some point in their nursing career. College Atlas
has created an infographic featuring some killer job interview tips.
We’ve broken some of these tips down and tailored them to the world of
nursing to help you land the nursing job you’ve worked so hard to get.

Requiring CPR Courses in Schools to Improve Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Survival

Aug 03, 2015

cpr student practicingIn New York, the state’s Board of Regents has been regulating the “CPR in Schools” legislation that was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo this past fall, according to a news report published by wgrz.com. The mandate has “recommended that each student learn hands-on CPR before graduating high school”. These courses will also teach students about practicing and using Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), which analyze heart rhythms in cardiac emergencies and deliver a shock to victims to help regulate heart rhythms.

The Eight Step Guide to Excel in your Online Medical Certification Course

Jul 26, 2015
woman taking online mooc coursesOnline learning options aren’t new. Distance learning options, such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), take the pen and paper out of the classroom. Unlike traditional online courses, MOOCS are available for thousands at a time, anytime and anywhere. It’s no wonder New York Times called 2012 the “Year of the MOOCs”! Online medical certification, including basic life support (BLS), pediatric advanced cardiac life support (PALS), ACLS and even CPR, AED & First Aid courses are now available on several MOOCs, like Udemy and Open Learning.

Taking a tip from the Office when learning CPR

Jul 23, 2015

We’ve all seen the overly dramatized CPR efforts performed by our favorite television show characters over the years. And although we agree that CPR can be a tricky trade to learn, we can’t help but laugh at these first attempts at life saving CPR. One of the most entertaining versions of CPR training gone completely wrong comes from the motley group of coworkers on the hit television show the Office. Known for being a group that never quite gets anything right, Michael Scott, Dwight Shrute and coworkers take the CPR training course to a whole new level of bad.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Online BLS Certification

Jul 14, 2015

nurse taking online BLS course on her laptopBasic life support (or BLS) certification is a course designed to give healthcare professionals the knowledge and skills needed to help resuscitate a victim who is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, such as choking, cardiac arrest, drowning, or heart attack. While many medical professions require BLS, many other jobs, such as babysitting, lifeguarding, or counseling, can benefit from life support certification emergencies can happen anywhere. In order to make BLS training more convenient and accessible, some providers offer BLS certification online, which is intended to relieve students of the typical hassles, such as travel expenses and wasted time, that are associated with classroom-style BLS training.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Group Rates for Online Certification

Jul 03, 2015

group sales for ACLS, BLS, PALS, CPRIf you have a team of medical professionals in need of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS), or Pediatric Advanced Cardiac (PALS) certification or recertification, you may feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of organizing and monitoring your team’s certification needs.

What are the Differences Between ACLS Certification and BLS Certification?

Jun 21, 2015

medical student describing differences between ACLS and BLS

Both advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and basic life support (BLS) certification are medical certifications, which can be taken online or in a classroom. They are both aimed to teach interventions that a provider can perform in the event of a cardiac emergency.

Reasons to Take Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

Jun 16, 2015

group of CNA students wearing scrubs If you have considered a healthcare career, but aren’t sure where to start or what you wish to pursue, why not do some research on becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA)? CNAs have extremely varied jobs; they help patients and the healthcare team with tasks such as getting around, bathing, eating, and monitoring important vital signs. With additional training, some CNAs may assist with administering medications. All CNAs will document important notes, including patient symptoms or complaints.