Stay Up To Date with Advanced Medical Certification January Recap: Top stories, posts and what’s to come

Feb 06, 2016

The first month of the new year is officially over (how fast was that?!), but we haven’t forgotten about the shocking, beautiful and challenging things that happened last month. We don’t have the capacity or time to list out everything awesome that happened in January, but we did sift through some of the best moments for you to enjoy and share with your family and friends! So, what’s been happening?

The Top 5 Ways Nurses Can Use Social Media to Boost Their Nursing Career

Jan 29, 2016

Social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are increasingly popular spots for nurses and other medical professionals. Many nurses are on social media, but some nurses neglect to use this technology to boost their nursing career. If you are looking to be one of the 65 percent of U.S adults who use social media, based on a 2011 report by Pew Internet & American Life Project Fund, you can use it to advance your career! Check out our tips below:

The Stay at Home Nurse: Top 5 Work-From-Home Nurse Careers

Jan 16, 2016

Infographic ThumbnailWhen you think of nurses and their job settings, we are sure that a fast-paced, hospital setting comes to mind. If you are a nurse, or considering a career in nursing, but don’t wish to work the traditional, clinical setting there are options for you that will keep you happy, sane and excited for the amazing world of nursing. Nurses can choose career options and work from home, while still receiving the benefits of working for a hospital setting. There are several options, and here is our top 5:

Top 9 Reasons Health Care Providers are Choosing Online Health Care Education in 2016

Jan 07, 2016

header image for infographic post

If you are a health care professional, education within your career doesn’t stop after college graduation. Health care and medical providers are constantly learning as new medical technology, standards and practices arise and evolve. The ever-changing world of medicine is relying on people like you, people who are encouraged to keep learning, to help keep the world healthy. Whether you’ve been a registered nurse for 30 years, a soon-to-be medical student graduate or a babysitter trying to land a new job, you have a responsibility to remain properly educated within your field. As an online health care education provider, we have high hopes for the future of online learning for health care professionals. Check out our top 10 reasons why people just like you are choosing online health care education this upcoming year.

A Yearly Recap: Top 10 Health Care Infographics of 2015

Dec 29, 2015

Is Mobile the future of healthcare thumb?

1. Is Mobile Healthcare the Future?

2015 was a superb year for the ever-changing world of health care! We witnessed some of the most life-changing innovations ever! At Advanced Medical Certification, we love infographics. They’re an effective and simple way of conveying important health care information, and we saw a lot of really great ones during this past year. Check out our top 10 health care infographic picks.

Top 5 Health Care Trends to Watch Out For in 2016 (infographic)

Dec 19, 2015

Top 5 health care trends in 2016 AMC header

What does the upcoming year look like for the healthcare industry? 2016

is bringing some trends with it, and we’ve taken what we find most

interesting and made our top 5 list. All information was found on Becker’s Hospital Review via the PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute (PWC) recent consumer survey.

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Nursing Student in your Life

Dec 04, 2015

four essential oils for nursing students

With finals approaching, the nursing student you know needs you now more than ever (hardly exaggerating). The holidays are a great time to show the student nurse in your life your love and appreciation, especially with functional and creative gifts! Let us help you get an A+ in gift-giving this holiday season with our top 10 gift ideas for the student nurse you love! Check out our list below:

10 Highly Effective Content Ideas For Professional Healthcare Blogs

Nov 26, 2015

Ten content ideas for your professional health care blog thumbnailCongratulations, you’ve decided you want to start documenting your experiences and ideas as a nurse or healthcare professional in the form of blogging! In this age of online data and technology, starting a nursing blog is a great opportunity to let your voice be heard, share ideas, network or simply journal your feelings. So, what’s stopping you? We have an idea: effective content that users actually want to read. So, we’ve gathered our top 10 strategies for getting your nursing blog out there and on people’s computer screens!

1. Write a review of a YouTube video

YouTube as a social platform is on the rise, so it’s important to use it. Not only is YouTube a relatively quick way to obtain a lot of information, it’s also visually pleasing and easy to watch. Writing a blog review of a YouTube video is a great way to analyze content in a user-friendly way for your viewers. It keeps your blog fresh and exciting! Check out an example of how we did this in ourSt. John Ambulance CPR campaign video blog.

2. Ask a provocative question

By this, we mean ask a question that is controversial within your industry. If you have the evidence and willingness to back an opinion up, this is a great idea to obtain a quick burst of high traffic to your nursing blog. Do you have strong feelings about ethics within nursing? What about controversial nursing interventions? Ask your readers and respond accordingly!

3. Summarize a high-quality infographic

If you stumble upon an infographic that you enjoy, why not share it with your readers? Summarizing an infographic is a simple way to educate your readers (and maybe even yourself!). Check out an example of how we summarize infographics with our“8 Ways Nurses Can Stay Healthy During Long Shifts” blog.

The Night Shift Nursing Survival Guide

Nov 20, 2015

three night shift nurses sleeping at break tableWe’re just kidding – you will survive. Regardless if you’re a first-timer on the night shift, or you’ve been managing to make it through every night shift for years. These tips will help you seriously own the the night shift with ease.

The Perks of Being a Registered Nurse (infographic): 5 of the best things about being a RN

Nov 11, 2015

infographic thumbnail

Kelley Johnson is still inspiring us. Her monologue during the Miss America 2016 pageant remains an encouragement to nurses nationwide, prompting an entire hashtag (#nursesunite) all about celebrating the irreplaceable responsibilities and compassion that nursing entails. Seriously Kelley, you rock!

Nursing is about much more than the salary. If you ask an honest nurse why he or she wanted to pursue nursing, you probably won’t get an answer that has to do with salary. Instead, you’ll receive an answer that comes from the desire to help others.