How to Choose the Right Online Medical Certification Course

Apr 15, 2015
medical student studyingYou understand what you need, certification or recertification, but you're unsure which route to take. For many, online certification and recertification has become just another part of their job due to its convenience. The world of online medical certification is huge, and there are several options to choose from. Simply typing in “best online medical certification" is not enough, as all online schools are different. So, how do you choose the right online medical certification course?

Pulling All-Nighters to pass your ACLS, BLS, and PALS Certification Exam? 5 ways they Actually Harm your Chances

Apr 08, 2015

medical student doing all nighter to study for test They may seem unavoidable when preparing for a big test: the “all nighter". You most likely pulled one or two all-nighters during your life, whether during college, medical schooling, or other training. While you know sleep is an absolute essential part of academic success, sometimes it seems like intensive studying for 8 hours the night before the big test just seems to make more sense than a good night's sleep. We challenge you, however, to pass your ACLS, BLS, and PALS certification exam with a solid 8 hours of pillow-time. Here's why pulling all-nighters harm both your health and your academics.

Food Allergy? Intolerance? Proper First Aid and Differences

Apr 01, 2015

various food allergy icons

Dietary allergies and intolerances are often confused with one another. While they both can result in an unpleasant or ill feeling, the symptoms and consequences of each differ. It's crucial to understand how each is different, and how to respond accordingly, which could potentially include life-saving first aid.

DIY Free First Aid Kit

Mar 31, 2015
bandages, band aids, thermometer, first aid kid From bee stings to burns, keeping a first aid kit in your home and car is fundamental to you and your family's health. A well-stocked first aid kit can be an essential tool, as it contains items you may need in emergency situations. A good understanding of first aid is fundamental for anyone; not only medical professionals, but also babysitters, teachers, mechanics, really everyone! You can purchase pre-made first aid kits from various sources, but making your own first aid kit can be simple. While there are specialized first aid kits, here are general recommendations from the American Red Cross. You can place these items in a plastic container or tote bag, and store the kit in an easy accessible location that you will remember.

Top 4 Cooking Oils with Beneficial Health Properties

Mar 29, 2015

five bottled of various healthy cooking oils Not all oils are the same. In fact, some cooking oils are proven healthy, whereas others are not. While cooking oils may seem like a somewhat insignificant part of your daily cooking, a simple switch can help you become healthier and live a longer life. Here are our top 4 cooking oils with beneficial health properties.

You Probably Need More Sleep: How a Lack of Sleep Effects your Health

Mar 24, 2015

funny illustration of woman in bad can't sleep Feeling sleepy? Fatigue can unfortunately result in many more negative consequences that impact your health than you think. Sleep Deprivation hurts your cognition. Did you know that a lack of sleep could negatively affect your neurocognitive abilities? When one does not get an adequate amount of sleep, he or she will experience daytime sleepiness. This leads to an overall decreased level of motivation and performance during daily activities.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Medical Certification Exam

Mar 18, 2015

students studying together Let's face it: studying for medical certification exams is not an easy task. In fact, it's a daunting task that many medical professionals put off, or simply do not do at all. This results in wasted time, money and an overall sense of discouragement. If you are a healthcare professional with a medical certification final approaching, it is crucial to adapt your study habits for success in your PALS, ACLS, or BLS certification exam. Below, we've listed our top 5 tips to better prepare yourself for a passing score on your final exam.

5 Family Nursing Specializations that Require Specific Nursing Certifications

Mar 16, 2015

female docotor holding up whiteboard with 5 specialized nursing fields

Within nursing there are many specialized fields in which nurses can pursue additional education, which may lead to certification. Below, we've listed 5 nursing specializations that require specific nursing certification.

3 Ways Stress can harm your Heart

Mar 11, 2015

stress meter going off the chart

Often, people associate heart disease with an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, binge drinking and a poor diet. Other people are under the impression, “it won't happen to me", because they appear to by physically healthy, without signs of high blood pressure or a family history of heart health issues. These beliefs, however, are unfortunately not the case.

An unhealthy amount of stress can be a serious threat to heart health, which accelerate or even sometimes cause heart disease or a heart attack. There are several ways high levels of stress can affect your heart health:

A Breakdown of What’s Really in your Cola and how it affects your Health

Mar 10, 2015

cans of soda and soft drinks

It's now common knowledge: Drinking too much soda has become an unhealthy staple in many American diets. What many fail to realize, however, is exactly what ingredients are in the fizzy beverages that is actually contributing to the negative health side effects. Drinking excessive amounts of soda has been associated with weight gain, poor dental health, heart disease and diabetes. Here, we break down the 3 main ingredients in the typical 12-ounce can of soda: sugar, sodium and caffeine to see how they potentially impact health.