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Can a Nurse Practitioner really do that?

Sep 16, 2016

can a np really do that

Can a nurse practitioner (NP) perform surgeries? What about deliver babies? A NP can have several different responsibilities depending on where he or she practices, speciality, and other work environments. The role of an NP has evolved over the years since the creation of the career in 1965 and continues to grow as an industry. People typically enjoy their experience with a NP, so the career remains high in demand. Because a career as a NP is fresh and constantly shifting, there seems to be a lingering grey area of confusion on what exactly a NP can and cannot do within the scope of practice. We’re here to help!

Are ACLS-certified persons, without a prescribing license, allowed to push medications in cardiac arrest emergencies?

Sep 02, 2016

acls push medications medical student on airplanes

Medical intervention isn’t as simple as it may seem, especially with legalities that have to be considered. A recent Reddit thread has prompted us to think more into the legal side of when and where certain health care professionals can practice their scope of knowledge. “Is there a doctor on board?” A classic fear associated with air travel: medical emergencies. Although they aren’t as common as many assume, medical emergencies occur on about 50 U.S. flights everyday. Most of these are minor, but some can be life-threatening, such as heart attacks or respiratory issues.

Medical Technology: Top 10 Medical Wearable Devices we love of 2016

Aug 23, 2016

top medical wearable devices of 2016

The industry of wearable technology, which includes smartwatches, fitness gadgets, stents, infotainment devices and medical devices, is growing fast. The market for medical wearable technology is expected to grow a whopping 411 million units by the year 2020. About 1 in 5 Americans currently own some type of wearable device, mostly smartwatches or fitness bands, and believe that wearable technology can increase life expectancy by up to 10 years.

How to Memorize the H's and T's of ACLS

Aug 12, 2016

The H's and T's of ACLS

Sudden cardiac arrest, or SCA, is defined as “a sudden and unexpected pulseless condition attributed to cessation of cardiac mechanical activity”, according to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation. SCA is the leading cause of death in adults over the age of 40 in the United States, but fortunately is often reversible and can be treated with early intervention. Because many cardiac arrest conditions are reversible, determining and treating the cause is a must for optimal patient care and outcome. Here are the H’s and T’s of ACLS from the latest American Heart Association standards and guidelines and AMC.

Nursing Student Hacks: Easing back into medical or nursing school after summer break

Aug 01, 2016

nursing medical school summer hacks header

All great things come to an end – summer break (which is arguably the greatest thing to happen to college students) is not an exception. There are few things as a nursing or medical student more difficult than the dreaded transition of summer to student mode. The professors and curriculum in nursing and medical school don’t exactly care about your struggles with the alarm clock and probably won’t give you much of a break during the first few weeks back.

20 Nursing Quotes to Make you Laugh

Jul 13, 2016

nursing quotes to make you laugh amc header

No one deserves a laugh more than you. You're a nurse and that means you will feel burn out, stressed, bored, and in need of a laugh every once in a while. These aren't like our quotes on how to be a leading nurse - they're the quotes you need to just get through the shift. Being able to laugh at your own career as a nurse can be one of the greatest stress relievers out there. Nurses experience things everyday that most people can't even imagine, and nurses have an understanding of one another that can only be understood in the crazy world of nursing.

20 Quotes to Inspire you to be a Leading Nurse

Jul 05, 2016

quotes to inspire you to be a leading nurse

By definition a leader is “a person who has commanding authority or influence”, but there’s much more to being a leader than that, especially in the world of nursing. Are you a leader? Nurses have assigned roles and specific titles that involve skill management. To be a leader in the field of nursing goes beyond assigned authority. Nurse leaders are confident, committed, inspiring and honest every shift, day and night (just to name a few of the 10 qualities that make a great leader according to Forbes). Leading nurses challenge the status quo and continue to challenge themselves whether they’ve been a nurse for a month or 10 years. Chances are, you’re reading this because you’re passionate about nursing and being a great one at that, but the job can make us all want to hide under a rock. Finding inspiration to become a leading nurse can be a difficult task, but no worries we have you covered with these 20 inspiring nursing quotes!

What is BLS for Healthcare Providers?

Jun 15, 2016

What is BLS for Healthcare Providers?

If you’re a health care provider of any sort, you’re likely required to take a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification course. As the name implies, BLS for healthcare providers offers the foundation of skills and knowledge needed to resuscitate, revive, or sustain a person experiencing a cardiac emergency. It is a more advanced CPR certification, intended specifically for healthcare professionals. Individuals who work closely with the elderly or young children, coaches, lifeguards, and babysitters may also benefit from BLS.

15 Non-Clinical Careers for Nurses and Nursing Students

Jun 02, 2016

Non-Clinical Careers for Nurses and Nursing Students Header

The versatile career of nursing and health care provides several opportunities to save lives and improve the quality of life even outside of the clinical setting. If you’re a nurse burnout from the clinical scene, or a recent nursing graduate looking for work elsewhere than the typical setting, a non-clinical nursing career may be an option for you. The gratifying benefits of nursing don’t have to involve drawing blood and administering medications in a hospital! Individuals who fear blood, are extremely independent, are looking to advance their career, are shy, or are seeking a flexible work schedule can vastly benefit from a non-clinical setting. Check out some career options below.

CPR Certification: The life-saving statistics you need to know

May 16, 2016

CPR Certification

What would you do if your spouse went into cardiac arrest right in front of you? Or if a passenger on a flight began to have a heart attack? Considering these frightening situations is difficult - it’s hard to imagine needing to make life or death decisions. The reality is that most people are not prepared to act in this situation. Only 3-5% of the population has CPR certification despite the fact that cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in the United States. If you feel as though you wouldn’t know what to do in the case of a cardiac emergency, you’re not alone. Think about it this way: the person’s life you may save with your knowledge will most likely be someone you know. The greater the number of people who know CPR, the greater the chances of survival will be. It’s that simple.

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