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Seven Tips for Surviving the First Year of Nursing School

By : Jane Young
Jul 12, 2013

Nursing is one of the most sought after professions—but the journey to become a nurse is anything but easy. Nursing school is an extraneously tough journey and is difficult for almost everyone.

Below is a list of tips that can help nursing students get through some of the “toughest years of their lives”:

1. Use the buddy system – Fellow classmates will become a nursing student’s new best friends. While it is great to have a whole classroom of people to look to for notes, advice or help, having a single buddy to use a rock and support system is the way to go.

2. Sacrifices will be made – Nursing school will take up the majority of a student’s life. Be prepared to eliminate most aspects of your social life. Don’t worry, though, once nursing school has been completed, there will be plenty of time for fun.

3. Take it one day at a time– Don’t look at what lies in the future, rather, focus only at the tasks at hand. Stressing over future events will take a toll on any student. Instead, only worry about what is important now.

4. Always show up to class – Be prepared and have a backup for everything so that missing class is never an option. The key to passing nursing school is to attend classes, hear the information firsthand, study and retain the information so you can use what you’ve learned on tests or in the real world.

5. Save money –Having a full-time job while in nursing school is usually not an option. In fact, some nursing schools require that their students don’t work at all so that they stay on top of the workload. Make sure you have saved up enough money to pay bills, or try eliminating stress by taking out loans to cover the cost of living. By not financially preparing, unwanted stress will be added to this already stressful lifestyle.

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