Go Red Spokeswoman, A Heart Attack Survivor

Go Red Spokeswoman, A Heart Attack Survivor

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

Life Saver, AMC

posted on Mar 4, 2014, at 9:50 pm


TWO YEARS AGO, AT AGE 39, Lauriann DeSouza suffered a heart attack. Being healthy and an avid runner, she had no clue why this had happened. She had once weighed 300 pounds, but with diet and exercise she was able to lose 165 pounds and control her weight. She had developed a passion for running and had never felt healthier in her life.

This is why she was taken by surprise when she experienced a tingling sensation in her elbow and arm, felt nauseous, and collapsed on the side of the road minutes later. The cause of the heart attack turned out to be a blockage on the left side of her heart and as a result, had to undergo a cardiac catheterization. DeSouza recovered after a week in the hospital and returned to running five weeks later. She is now even participating in half-marathons and has recently started training for the BayState Marathon. Deciding to share her story, DeSouza has joined forces with the American Heart Association and is now a spokeswoman for Go Red for Women. This is an initiative aimed at helping raise awareness of heart disease, which is the number one killer of women. On February 13, she took part in the Go Red for Women Luncheon and Educational Forum, whose goal is to promote women’s heart health and spread the message about the disease.

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