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Group Account FAQ

  • What are the available payment methods? Can we pay via check or company credit card?

    Although paying via credit card is generally the easiest and quickest way to register a group, we do accept checks if paying by credit card is not an option. We can send you an invoice for you to send a check or wire transfer.

  • Are discounts based off of the number of members in the group or the number of courses purchased?

    The discount percentage your group is ultimately eligible for is based solely on the number of courses purchased. We do this specifically to offer more savings to our groups, for their initial course needs, and for their course needs in the future.

  • Are there any base fees or extra charges required to create a group?

    Not at all. The only components of the Group Sales Program you will have to pay for are the courses you sign up for.

  • Are there any restrictions for group sizes/types?

    The only restriction we have is that, to be considered a group, and therefore be eligible for the listed discounts, you must purchase a minimum of five courses. Courses can be either Certification or Recertification courses.

  • How do I create a group account?

    The first step in creating a group account is to request a quote. Once you request a quote, our sales team will send a quote out to you within 24 hours. You can process your payment from within the quote. Once you have processed your payment, the next step is to activate the accounts. You will receive an excel file for you to fill out with all of the information of the individuals that will be taking the courses. Once you send that back to your account manager, they will activate the accounts and send the excel sheet back to you with the passwords. This means that the accounts are activated and you are ready to start the course!

  • How do other group members join the group?

    To add new users to your group, you will need to send over the name, email address and shipping address of the new individuals to your account manager. Your account manager will activate the account and send you over the passwords of the new users. They will then be ready to start the course!

  • Can the entire process, from signing up to completing the exams, be completed entirely online?

    Yes. Every facet of our courses are delivered online. All available study materials are accessible within user accounts, and final exams will all be administered through our website.

  • Can I add additional group members at a later date?

    Yes. Additional group members can be added to your group at any time.

  • Can I make additional purchases at a later date?

    Yes. All additional orders can be easily completed by your account manager. All group information will be saved, eliminating the need to go through the signup process again.

  • Will my group account ever expire?

    No. Your group account will always remain active and available for use.

  • What if a group member doesn't pass an exam they were signed up for?

    He/she will have the opportunity to retake the exam. Our courses include unlimited retakes, although each attempt will receive a new set of test questions.

  • What if I, or one of my potential group members, already have an account on AMC?

    Not to worry, you can still create a Group Account, and add members to your group that already have active AMC accounts.

  • Does the type of exam (ACLS, PALS, BLS Certification/Recertification) affect the rates?

    No. Each exam counts as part of your group's total course number. Discounts will be applied based upon this number, regardless of the individual course selections.

  • Can the certification cards be shipped to each specific group member?

    Yes. Each group member will have the ability to decide where he/she wants their certification card to be shipped. We can also send all provider cards to the group administrator. This can be done with the help of your account manager.

  • Can groups pay for exams individually and still get the group discount?

    Yes, we offer a second option to fit this need. We can send you a unique coupon code with your groups discount. Each individual will be able to apply this coupon code at checkout. Then they will be able to activate their account.

  • Do we have to pay for the exams up front?

    Yes. Registering a group and adding group members/exams is free, however all exams must be paid for in full before any of the user accounts are activated and accessible. If this is not possible for your organization, we can work with you so that you and your team can continue to save lives.

  • Do you provide study materials?

    Yes. Every course includes instructional videos, audiobooks and PDF study manuals.

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