3 Natural Ways of Detoxifying Your Body for Heart Healthiness

3 Natural Ways of Detoxifying Your Body for Heart Healthiness

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

Life Saver, AMC

posted on Feb 20, 2014, at 9:50 pm


IT’S NO SECRET THAT A HEALTHY HEART is the foundation of general health. Unfortunately, the medical equipment and practice used for maintaining or treating heart conditions is commonly high-priced. Taking advantage of a healthy heart by practicing simple and inexpensive lifestyle changes is the first step to avoiding the costly medical procedures and expenditures.

Heart and body detoxification entirely revolves around the environment surrounding you. Often medical professionals talk about limiting the exposure to chemicals in the environment, a common knowledge amongst most people. However, the solution to total detoxification goes deeper than avoiding chemicals like mercury or other heavy metals. Detoxifying for safe heart health depends on pollutants we encounter on a daily basis-toxins we breathe, foods we eat, household products we use, etc. It’s easy to be ignorant of what we put inside our bodies, however, it is refreshing to understand the easiness of purification.

Products such as makeup, toothpaste, prescription drugs and even drinking from plastic bottles contains chemicals considered toxic, the levels of toxicity are seemingly insignificant to be damage. However, most of these products are used regularly, building up in the body and sometimes eventually causing cellular dysfunction and illness. The illness caused by toxic bodies typically targets heart disease, but there are easy steps to take detoxify before heart damage becomes an issue.

#1 Sweat it Out

Sweating, often portrayed as dirty, is actually one of the most natural ways of detoxification. When humans perspire, the toxins stored inside subcutaneous fat are expelled through pores. Exercising or sitting in a sauna are two of the most effective ways of cleansing via sweating.

#2 Breathe Better

Lung functionality and heart health go hand-and-hand therefore it is crucial to breathe properly. Lungs expel waste every time you breath, so taking full and deep breaths is vital to wholesome heart health.

#3 Emphasis on Fiber

The human gastrointestinal tract is a primary route of elimination of toxins. Heart health is strained when other parts of the body, such as the GI tract are disturbed. Eating more fiber, at least 30 grams daily, from natural sources is essential to complete heath.

There are a countless number of steps you can take to improve heart health in an inexpensive and simple manner. Prevention and preparedness of heart disease are
the two most important factors of overall heart health. Prevention through actions such as detoxification, and preparedness through knowledge such as taking life saving life support classes through AMC.

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