Secondhand Smoke and Asthmatic Children

Secondhand Smoke and Asthmatic Children

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

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posted on Jan 29, 2014, at 9:50 pm


AT THE CINCINNATI CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER, a study consisting of 619 children with asthma showed that if the kids’ saliva tested positive for nicotine exposure, they were about twice as likely to be readmitted within the next year for breathing complications. The study was published in the journal Pediatrics.

About 80% of the saliva of kids with asthma – or other breathing issues – had been exposed to tobacco smoke. Though many guardians denied the presence of smoke, the study results suggested otherwise. It is recommended that if your child has asthma, you should ditch the smokes in order to prevent more breathing issues.

To read the full article, visit Scientific American

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