Social Media Recruitment

Social Media Recruitment

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

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posted on Sep 25, 2013, at 9:53 pm


Social media is not going away. In fact, it only continues to expand its appearances into people’s lives more and more as time goes on. With over 500 million users on Twitter and 950 million on Facebook, it is safe to assume that at least half of the current users of social media access these networks from their mobile devices and/or smartphones.

With social median and mobile technology as a hot topic among recruiters in all industries, it has been more common for healthcare recruiters to follow suite. Hospitals are now using online and mobile sites to hire a potential suitor, which gives an edge to jobseekers who have already adapted to this trend.

Recent survey’s are showing that 37% of jobseekers in healthcare are using their mobile devices to look for job opportunities, and even more impressive, that 70% of healthcare staffing clients have data-enabled smartphones.

Because of this, recruiters are using social media as a way to not only connect with potential candidates, but also as a way to stay on top of the Trends in the healthcare industry. Organizations have even begun to use mobile apps so that people can apply online using their mobile devices.

The ability for recruiters to use social media is a huge advantage given the nursing shortages and challenging nature of physician and pharmacist recruitments. Thankfully, staffing agencies have begun to realize that because the way we communicate has changed, the way we are recruiting new hires needs to change, as well.

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