The Importance of Life Saving Knowledge

The Importance of Life Saving Knowledge

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

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posted on Jan 2, 2014, at 9:51 pm


EARLY THIS YEAR, HONEYWLL FM&AMP T EMPLOYEE, GEORGE HICKMAN, suffered cardiac arrest on the job. Luckily, six of his fellow employees had all recently undergone Red Cross training classes and were able to save his life using the skills and techniques they’d been taught.

The six men worked as a team to provide Hickman with the care he required when he experienced his heart attack in July of last year. Two of the men began CPR, one called for emergency help, security arrived with an AED to administer shocks, allowing Hickman to regain a pulse, and another co-worker gave Hickman oxygen while they waited for paramedics to arrive and take over. It was the group effort and proper training that enabled these men to save Hickman’s life.

Since the incident, three of the men, Ray Mackay of Peculiar, MO., Arlis Graves of Independence, MO., and Phillip Ketchum of Lexington, MO., received the Certificate of Merit, a Red Cross award that recognizes people who have used the skills they learned in Red Cross training classes to sustain a life.

The other three men, John Pangelinan of Independence, MO., Brian Boyd of Peculiar, MO., and Charles Wheeler of Lee Summit, MO., received the Red Cross Lifesaving Award for the Professional Responder, this is the second highest award given by the Red Cross honoring life-saving efforts.

With regard to these events, Hickman has some advice for everyone, “Take everyday as a blessing because it truly is,” he said. “It can end in a heartbeat.”

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