Top 5 Social Media Mistakes of Healthcare Professionals

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes of Healthcare Professionals

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

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posted on May 21, 2015, at 9:43 pm



Creating and maintaining a vibrant social media presence could be the difference between success and failure for a healthcare professional. The major platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram, are continually being upgraded and transformed, bringing new features to users. Yet the constant change increases the challenge of effective social networking. Medical professionals now have the ability to interact with patients, physicians, nurses, hospitals, and companies presenting countless opportunities that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

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Let’s look at some mistakes healthcare professionals should avoid using social media!


5 Social media mistakes healthcare professionals make

1. Inconsistent posts and content

If you are not on a schedule, it’s possible that you won’t prioritize posting, especially during times of high stress or business. Medical professionals on social media who post interesting content four times a week will attract followers, but as soon as the posts drop down to once a month, it’s likely that you new friend will turn into your former friend.

In addition to posting consistently, social medical professionals should post content that is varied, yet involves your practice, knowledge, and unique twist.

2. Lack of interaction

Posting everyday isn’t that challenging but, in reality, posting meaningless content everyday will not expand your social network. You need to interact with your audience. If you are failing to interact in meaningful ways with followers and reach out to potential new connections, your accounts will get little attention. Allow comments, share and retweet, and interact with people of all careers.

3. An unclear strategy

What program or platform do you want to use? Do you know how to use your desired networks? Will you post from your smartphone or computer? These questions are more important than you think. If you are utilizing social media correctly, your presence on social media will grow, and managing your networks in an organized manner will be more crucial than ever.

Figure out the logistics beforehand. Otherwise, your professionalism and reputation could suffer.

4. No clearly set goals

As a medical professional, you understand the importance of setting goals. To ensure success for your professional and medical social media platforms, you must apply the same discipline – goals must be set.


What is the purpose of your social networks? To gain more patients? Review new medical technologies? Give advice? Decide upon a goal and remain focused on it.

5. Hopping on the bandwagon… and staying there

Following a medical professional that posts practically the same things everyday is like sifting through your spam e-mails. It’s boring, uncreative and typical, the opposite of the ever-changing medical world.

If you are a medical professional interested in advancing your career with social media, congratulations! You have access to powerful tools to advance your career that didn’t exist a short time ago. Be smart with your accounts and avoid some common blunders of professional social media.

Are you an active healthcare professional on social media? Comment below!


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