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What is PALS certification?

Pediatric Advanced Life Support is a systematic approach to pediatric assessment that goes beyond basic life support for infants and children. Certification in PALS is defined by the American Heart Association as developing the knowledge and skills to manage critically ill infants and children, resulting in improved outcomes. This specialized training is designed for any healthcare provider who responds to emergencies with infants or children, both in and out of the hospital, including emergency responders, ER personnel, pediatric care providers, ICU staff, critical care professionals and others.

What skills are covered in PALS certification?

AMC’s PALS certification covers a variety of skills for the recognition and treatment of infants and children at risk for cardiopulmonary arrest. These skills include a systematic approach to assessment, effective respiratory management, defibrillation, intraoasseous access, fluid administration and effective resuscitation and team dynamics.

What is recertification and when is it necessary?

Like most medical certifications, you must remain current on changing guidelines and procedures in PALS. Timelines vary depending on your state and employer, but most certifications expire after two years, making recertification necessary. Our recertification courses ensure that you are up-to-date with any new procedures and help build on the skills and training you have already received.

What is the difference between online and classroom training?

The only real difference is time. AMC understands the time constraints and growing list of responsibilities all medical professionals face today. When you factor in home and personal lives, the demands on your time become even more evident. Why spend what little free time you have in a classroom to receive the additional training and continuing education necessary for your job? So we developed a better way. Online certification training that is just as effective and much more efficient than classroom training.  

Our highly advanced curriculum gives you the training you need at a fraction of the time. All our materials are developed in accordance with the AHA’s standards and guidelines. Our online courses duplicate classroom lessons, with one major difference: You can take the classes on your schedule and at the location of your choosing. No more valuable free time and weekends spent in classrooms. What’s more, you can take our classes anytime without waiting for open classes or times to fit your schedule. Need certification tomorrow? We can help you with that.