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Bloodborne Pathogens Practice Test

Test this Bloodborne Pathogens knowledge with our BBP Practice Test as great way to prepare you for our official BBP online exam. The practice test consists of 10 multiple-choice questions that are derived from the BBP provider handbook.

1. Which is not an example of a bloodborne pathogen engineering control?*
2. The appropriate way to dispose of a used needle is to:*
3. Which of the following may be used in contaminated workspaces?*
4. Which is an example of practicing Universal Precautions?*
5. The importance of Personal protective equipment (PPE) is for:*
6. Which is an example of a blood borne pathogen exposure incident?*
7. Which lists the proper order for cleaning a blood spill?*
8. Whose responsibility is it to prevent blood borne pathogen exposure?*
9. To reduce the risk of blood borne pathogen exposure, employees should:*
10. How soon should you be evaluated if you have a blood borne pathogen exposure?*

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