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Customer Testimonials

As the Credentialing Manager at Barton Associates, a locum tenens company serving clients nationwide, my team works with many doctors and nurse practitioners in need of certifications or certification renewal. Typically, these needs require a quick turnaround and we have found AMC to be a high-quality, efficient, and fast solution. We recommend AMC to our providers and to anyone exploring AMC as an option for obtaining or renewing a certification.


Barton Associates

Whitney Jordan Credentialing Manager Barton Associates

We have come to AMC for all our certification and recertification needs. With their flexible online courses, our providers are able to take their certifications on their own time. This is essential since we work throughout the country placing locum tenens providers and time is a sensitive factor.



Locum Tenens USA

The digital card was accessible as soon as I passed my exam! I was able to show it to my employer the next day. The provider card came in the mail a couple of days after. AMC is fast and reliable! They get 2 thumbs up from me!

Tracy C

Dr. Tracy C., Physician

It’s so great that they offer a PDF Study Manual. I used the PDF as the reference and was recertified in less than an hour after buying the program. This is how ACLS certification should be! I will never go to another weekend course again!

Photo of Andy


Andy K., Chemical Engineer/Plant Manager

As a volunteer, I got everyone together and AMC gave us a great group deal. They not only coordinated and certified all of us; they made the experience so easy and fast!

Photo of Mahesh


Mahesh G., Disabled Housing Volunteer

Thank you so much AMC! I called to ask if they could process orders over the phone, luckily they do! They have ridiculous customer service like Zappos. They just take care of stuff! Bryan was great and he processed my order quickly! I will absolutely recertify with them!

Photo of Shahida


Shahida R., Youth Group volunteer

I’ve been happy with my ACLS certification experience, I told the guys at the station about AMC. Thank you AMC!

Photo of Kory


Kory J., Firefighter

AMC’s customer support is amazing! I had about a million questions and they were awesome! Mind you, it was 3am! They were patient and stayed on the phone with me for like a half an hour!

Photo of Tony


Tony H., Mediation Practitioner

The Certification Bundle is amazing! All the motivation I needed to get the new iPad! Thank you AMC!

Photo of Dylan


Dyllan L., Volunteer EMT

I didn’t know that I could get my certification online, but Anne explained how their programs work and walked me through the whole thing. Signed up, passed the test! AMC, you are amazing!

Photo of Adam


Adam S., Nurse Anesthetist

So I got a little behind on recertifying my ACLS. Who keeps track of that really? When the hospital pulled my file, they said I needed to get it done immediately as I was no longer privileged to practice there. I was in a panic!!! I literally printed out the digital card after taking the exam that night and I was back to work like normal the next day. Thank you AMC! I almost needed Life Support myself!

Photo of Sou


Sou B., Nurse Anesthetist

I am a busy senior resident in anesthesia trying to search for a job in my spare time. Employers kept asking if I was certified in Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks. Somehow telling them that I do them all the time in residency is not the same. So I found AMC and got certified! It gave me a real edge when I talked to recruiters and groups. Wish I would have done it before the job search!

Photo of Kelly


Dr. Kelly L., Physician

With a busy practice, it was really great that the program was designed to be taken at your own pace, at your own time – NO time limit. This made my PALS recertification experience stress free!

Photo of Robin


Dr. Robin L., Physician

My course materials arrived promptly, I was able to complete my courses in about an hour with the help of the course materials, and I received a digital copy of my cards immediately!

Photo of David


Dr. David W of Ann Arbor, MI