A Guide for Choosing a Travel Nursing Assignment

A Guide for Choosing a Travel Nursing Assignment

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

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posted on Feb 13, 2014, at 9:50 pm


CHOOSING A TRAVEL NURSING ASSIGNMENT ISN’T EASY. Start off by creating a list of the top five destinations that you are interested in. In order to avoid frustration in choosing a travel assignment, be flexible with your choice of destination. In essence, having this list will give you more options. Thirteen weeks are the standard length for travel assignments. There are many advantages to maintaining a 13-week assignment one being that it allows you to get comfortable with the unit.

Travel nurses are paid by specialty, but experience is still a selling point when your profile is being considered by a hospital. Keep in mind that bonuses are paid after the assignment and are also taxed 30% or higher. So if you’re trying to decide between a higher pay rate per hour, or a high sign-on bonus and a considerably lower pay rate, choose the former! Make sure that your benefit package includes health insurance; do not opt out!

Most travel assignments offer two housing options: an apartment or a housing stipend. A basic furniture package for corporate rented apartments, and upgrades (like a TV or microwave) are negotiable. Make sure that you also pack personal items. If you are in a city where you can stay with family or friends, the monthly housing stipend is a great alternative. It allows you to have more money in your pocket and the flexibility to move in or out at your own pace. A good travel company will also have the clinical support assigned to you for every assignment. Be sure to learn his or her name and that you have access to him or her 24/7. Lastly, your recruiter should be able to provide the following information for your first day on the job: to whom you should report (HR or directly to the department), how you get to the hospital and where you can park, what you should wear, and whether or not you need to take the PBDS. Also, you should ask for a written confirmation of your scheduled shift, time of requests, and approval. It also needs to include the name of the person who approved it. Now that you have read this guide, you are more prepared for choosing the best company to work with for next travel assignment!

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