Clinically Dead Woman Revived After 42 Minutes

Clinically Dead Woman Revived After 42 Minutes

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

Life Saver, AMC

posted on Dec 31, 2013, at 9:53 pm


Vanessa Tanasio, 41, was dead in every way that mattered medically—no heartbeat and not breathing. She had suffered a massive heart attack and, soon after being rushed to the hospital, her body shut down. However, Australian physicians at Melbourne’s Monash Heart refused give up.

employing numerous defibrillator shocks to no avail, the physicians decided to attach Vanessa to a device called the LUCAS2. This hi-tech machine kept blood flowing to her brain while a cardiologist worked to remove blockages from vital arteries. At the end of the procedure, Vanessa’s heart began to beat again.

medical team at MonashHeart describes her survival as nothing less than astonishing. Vanessa was clinically dead for 42 minutes and awoke without any damages. In fact, she stated, “I’m feeling excellent. For someone who has been dead for nearly an hour of this week I am feeling tremendously well.”

A history of heart problems, Vanessa was taken entirely by surprise upon waking to discover herself in the hospital. She made a point of thanking the doctors and nurses of MonashHeart and, of course, the LUCAS2.

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