Meet Mr. Hound: St. John Ambulance Launches Comical Campaign

Meet Mr. Hound: St. John Ambulance Launches Comical Campaign

Lauren Diffendarfer

by Lauren Diffendarfer

Medical Educator

posted on Sep 5, 2015, at 9:43 pm


IGNORANCE ISN’T ALWAYS BLISS, especially when it comes to life-threatening emergencies. Unfortunately, comedian Rufus Hound can’t seem to recognize his need to be CPR, AED & First Aid certified while instructing in front of a classroom full of catastrophic kids who keep finding themselves getting severely injured.

mr hound in his classroomThe satirical campaign by St. John Ambulance for their annual awareness month, Save A Life September, is aimed towards convincing laypersons to become CPR, AED & First Aid certified. While most campaigns utilize persuasion in a fearful manner, St. John Ambulance decided to take a different route, encouraging viewers to see the obviousness of universal training.

The teacher starts out by attempting to teach the students how to cook some sort of roll, and quickly finds himself continually startled by the students nonchalant (but alarming) accidents.

Right off the bat, a male student disgracefully asks the professor if his “cut”, which just so happened to be a knife through his entire hand, is bad, shocking Rufus. The teacher remains ignorant and tells the student that he will be fine and prompts him back to his desk.

Some time later, a female student raises her hand to get the attention of the professor, which he then realizes is her severed arm being held up by her arm in tact, most likely cut off by a sharp kitchen tool. Rufus irritatingly tells the student to simply “run it under a tap”!

The teacher soon realizes he has a clumsy class, constantly running into obstacles that he was ill prepared for. Instead of understanding how to properly care for the students in desperate need, he finds himself wanting to leave the classroom.

It’s clear that Rufus does not recognize the need to act in an emergency, as he remains unaware and aggravated throughout the video, an exaggerated version of a reality that is often faced in our world today.

CPR, AED & First Aid for Everyone

St. John Ambulance is offering free video tutorials and first aid guides through their website which is an amazing opportunity to spread awareness on the world’s desperate need for further CPR certification.

Online CPR, AED & First Aid is an option that some might not even know exists. With modern technology, many people have chosen to become certified online as opposed to a weekend class due to its convenience and modern approach. The ability to become certified online has become extremely valued to the modern-day, busy professional.

Check out St. John Ambulance’s video:


What do you think of this comical campaign?

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Lauren works as the Medical Educator for the Disque Foundation and has worked closely with us since 2014. She is a full-time student pursuing a BS in Biology at Indiana University as a recipient of the Chick Evans Caddy Scholarship and hopes to attend medical school to become a physician in the future. She is certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and she is also a certified Basic Life Support Instructor for the American Heart Association. She stays heavily involved with health care in and out of her local community, helping plan and coordinate Disque Foundation events, teaching lifesaving skills to the communities and organizations that we serve and volunteering at her hometown hospital in the Birthing Unit.

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