The Top 4 Secrets of Longevity

The Top 4 Secrets of Longevity

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

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posted on Dec 23, 2014, at 9:49 pm


THERE ARE SEVERAL “SECRETS TO LONGEVITY” to help you live longer. Implementing these tips, however, is often harder than it seems. We’ve taken some of our favorite and easiest tips to increase your life span, health and mood!

1. Go outside

It’s no secret – going outside has countless benefits. Ever feel slightly depressed from being indoors for a prolonged period of time? This is due to a lack of
vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin typically obtained from sun exposure, dietary supplements and ingestion of some foods. Vitamin D is essentially vital for several reasons, including bone growth, immune function and the reduction of inflammation. Amazingly, the powerful vitamin boosts moods, making for a happier person. Vitamin D is produced when ultraviolent rays from the sun hit our skin and trigger synthesis therefore we need some sun exposure to survive, but can also add years to our lives.

Consider going outside for a walk or jog, increasing physical activity and promoting general health. Ask a friend, neighbor or family member to go outdoors with you to spend quality time bonding with good old’ Mother Nature! The possibilities are endless.

2. Eat superfoods

You’ve most likely heard the term superfoods recently, which have seemed to take the health world by storm with their newly discovered benefits to drastically improve health. Claimed to have healing properties comparable to traditional medications, superfoods have the ability to prevent high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease and other common diseases. They are easily accessible and can benefit everyone. Better yet, they can make you live longer. Who would have thought, consuming certain foods and drinks could add years to your life?

According to, here are the top superfoods offering the most profound health benefits:
• Organic eggs

• Kale

• Organic Kefir or yogurt

• Raw organic almonds

• Wild Alaskan salmon

• Avocados

• Organic Coconut Oil

• Whey Protein

• Raw Organic Grass-Fed Butter

• Green Vegetable Juices

Try incorporating more of these superfoods in your diet to live longer, feel better and increase overall happiness in your daily life!

3. Use your brain
Often overlooked, try focusing more on keeping your brain healthy. But how? According to, you can practice a variety of simple brain exercises, like taking cooking classes, learning a foreign language, or taking up a new sport, to strengthen brain function and have fun! A brain-healthy lifestyle can be lightly implemented by doing puzzles in your morning paper or doing more math in your head instead of the calculator.

Brain health can prevent a multitude of age-related neurological changes like Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, a smart brain makes healthier decisions, improving social, spiritual, emotional, physical and environmental health.

4. Take a vacation

As a nation, it’s safe to say we are pretty obsessed with working. According to, the average American worker has about 14 days of vacation per year, but only takes about 12. On top of that, 25 percent of Americans fail to take any vacation days at all. So why do vacations increase your life span?

We all know the dangers of excessive stress. Distress can increase your blood pressure, give you headaches, upset your stomach and even lead to insomnia. All of these symptoms can decrease your longevity. To combat the stresses of work and increase productivity, studies have shown that vacationing is the clear answer.

According to
CNN, one study found that men who were at a high risk for coronary heart disease who failed to vacation, were 32 percent more likely to die from a heart attack than those who vacation.

So, what’s stopping you? Take advantage of vacation days by resting (and going outside!)

Do you have any other tips to increasing longevity? Comment below!

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  1. Thanks for your article on longevity. It’s funny how the most obvious stuff like eating healthy, exercising and taking care of yourself can add years to your life. I really liked your list of the top superfoods. I went ahead and made a list of my favorite superfoods here

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