Top 7 Benefits of a Group Sales Program

Top 7 Benefits of a Group Sales Program

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PROVIDING COMPREHENSIVE HEALTHCARE requires the expertise of a wide variety of unique professionals. Constant advances in healthcare are creating entirely new specialties that did not exist just a few years ago. Now, more than ever, provision of advanced healthcare requires a team, and more importantly, teamwork.

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If you have a team of healthcare professionals, you probably need certifications such as advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), pediatric advanced cardiac life support (PALS), basic life support (BLS), or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), AED and first aid. As teams become more diverse, one team member might need BLS certification, while another requires ACLS recertification. Many employers choose to utilize a group sales program instead of depending on each individual employee to tackle their certification or recertification needs.

A Group Sales Program Overview

Group sales programs were designed to help employers stay on track and on top of their employee’s continual need for online medical certification. Programs can differ slightly from one another, therefore it is important to commit to a program only after adequate research.

A good group sales program will offer immediate distribution of courses to group members, with the ability to add new courses and members to the account whenever necessary. A group sales program should allow the manager to effectively oversee the entire process with ease, so the program should provide access to group reports. When researching the group sales program that will meet the needs of your team, here are the benefits you should look for:

Top 7 Benefits

1. Collaborative skills
Working on certification together can provide an opportunity for the team to improve their collaboration.

2. Support system
Certifying as a team improves networking in the group. This can act as a way for employees to build supportive relationships with one another.

3. Learn from one another
This is a great opportunity to ask other team members questions – especially if multiple professionals are certifying at the same time.

4. Simultaneous certification
The stress of individual certification deadlines can be diminished with a group rate program, as all employees are able to certify or recertify at the same time.

5. Organization
With group rate programs, both employees and employers will stay on track and on schedule, keeping everyone’s certifications organized.

6. Cost savings
Purchasing certifications as part of a group will secure a cost reduction. Expenses in healthcare are rising, and group sales discounts can help the bottom line.

7. Makes certification more interesting and motivating
In general, certification and recertification are more interesting when other team members are also taking the courses. Team members can help motivate each other to complete the courses.

The fastest and most efficient way to certify a group of people is with a group sales program. To learn more about Advanced Medical Certification’s group sales programs, you can visit our website!


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