Why Giving Blood is so Important

Why Giving Blood is so Important

Mackenzie Thompson

by Mackenzie Thompson

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posted on Oct 28, 2014, at 9:49 pm


IT’S SAFE TO SAY that almost every American has had the opportunity to give blood, but ever wonder exactly why so many people need blood and where exactly it goes? According to
American Red Cross, every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. Health care professionals estimate that almost 40 percent of the U.S population is eligible to give blood, but only a mere 10 percent do. These 10 percent of people account for nearly 15.7 million donations every year. That means Americans as a whole could potentially donate about 62,000,000 based on hospital estimates. So, why is giving blood so important?

Blood is used in several ways, from patient use to
testing new medical technology or products. Every single day brings new medical technology and advances into practice, typically requiring blood that comes from Americans who donate.

Patients of every age require blood, from chemotherapy, injuries and people with diseases that require blood transfusions such as sickle cell anemia. According to Armed Services Blood Program, a single pint of blood can sustain a premature infant’s life for 2 weeks. This is especially astounding considering the average single donation is approximately three pints. A car accident victim could require as many as 100 pints of blood, just another reason to consider giving.

Another reason to consider booking an appointment is due to the fact that
there is no substitute for human blood. Blood donations could potentially be needed at any time and it is unlikely that a person anticipates needing blood. Without donated blood, however, many victims die and consequences could be life-threatening. Blood cannot be manufactured, so health care professionals rely on generous contributors to give back and help those in need.

Often people neglect giving blood because of its intimidating reputation. This reputation, however, is simply false.
Giving blood is 100 percent safe and only sterile needles are use. After each use, needles are safely discarded and never re-used. The process poses no risks to your health and there are several facilities all across America waiting for you to set up an appointment. The actual donation itself only lasts around 10 to 15 minutes and there are typically refreshments provided afterward at the clinic if feeling at all weak or just hungry. The process requires four simple steps: registration, medical history, donation and refreshments.

When is the last time you gave blood? If your answer is never or you just can’t remember because it was so long ago, it’s never too late. When donating blood, Americans are engaging in the most painless and easiest way of saving lives. You could save lives all over America. This season, contribute to the world of health by executing the importance of giving blood in your life.
Check out this news article and video published by Fox News regarding the amazing impact on giving blood and Ebola survival:

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