5 Things You Should Consider Before Committing to an Online CPR Course

5 Things You Should Consider Before Committing to an Online CPR Course

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posted on Jun 8, 2015, at 9:43 pm


IF YOU NEED CPR CERTIFICATION, you might have considered taking an online CPR course. Those who choose to pursue an online CPR course experience a more convenient, self-paced experience that is often quicker than traditional, in-class CPR courses.

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Not all online cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses are created equal, however, and adequate research before any commitment can ensure that you choose the option that works best for you. Below, are five questions to ask yourself before committing to your online CPR class.

5 Questions to ask Yourself Before Purchasing an Online CPR Course

1. Is this course created by medical professionals with years of CPR training experience?

A good online class should be created, updated, accredited, recommended and preferred by board-certified physicians. If your provider does not disclose information on how the course content was created or who teaches the course, avoid purchasing that one.

2. Does this online CPR course also include first aid and AED instruction?

CPR is complex, and a well-rounded course should also include both first aid and automated external defibrillator (AED) techniques to ensure that you, as the provider, are able to act in any life-threatening emergency.

3. Is the course material based on the most recent American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines?

Along with being created by physicians, your online CPR class must be built in accordance with the latest AHA standards and guidelines. The most recent AHA guidelines were published in 2010, so be sure to choose a CPR course that adheres to the 2010 AHA manual.

4. Are my online CPR class final exam results available immediately after taking the exam?

You should be able to receive your exam results right away, as your employer most likely requires proof of certification as soon as possible. Your course provider should send you an electronic copy immediately via email. This way, you have instant electronic proof of certification while your provider card is sent to you via mail.

5. Is a study guide and all algorithms available to me with my online CPR course purchase?

A good online CPR course should come with a supplementary study guide included in the purchase of your course. The manual should coincide with the course and include practice sections, and algorithms as they are necessary for the most efficient training.

There are several considerations to ask yourself prior to choosing the online CPR course that works best for you. Your course should be created by medical professionals, include AED and first aid instruction, come with immediate results, adhere to AHA guidelines, and come with supplementary study materials.
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