Top Countries Where Nurses with ACLS Certification are Needed and Ways International Nursing can Benefit your Career

Top Countries Where Nurses with ACLS Certification are Needed and Ways International Nursing can Benefit your Career

Mackenzie Thompson

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posted on May 7, 2015, at 9:43 pm


THE NURSING SHORTAGE is an unfortunate reality that impacts countries all over the world. Many countries are responding to the nursing shortage by encouraging nurses to emigrate from other countries, and international nursing recruitment is always a valuable option. Nurses with ACLS certification are crucial not only in America, but also in healthcare systems all over the world.

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The top 10 countries most in need of nurses with ACLS certification according to

1. Haiti

2. Paraguay

3. Bolivia

4. Ethiopia

5. Dominican Republic

6. Nepal

7. Liberia

8. Costa Rica

9. Madagascar

10. Nicaragua

Awareness of the global nursing shortage is rising, mostly due to the increasing power of technology and social media. Global healthcare shortages will not mend themselves, which is why international nursing recruitment for nurses with ACLS certification is absolutely essential.

Five Ways International Nursing Can Benefit your Career

Having international experience can shape your nursing career in ways you might not have considered. There are several reasons why international nursing can benefit your career – here are our top 5:

New skills: International nursing not only looks good on your resume, but can help you develop new or more comprehensive skills. It proves to potential employers that you are willing and eager to go out of your comfort zone.
Improved cultural diversity and sensitivity: When you go to another country, everything has the potential to be different. Cultural differences are often challenging, but the ability to adapt to these changes will improve communication skills.
Career discoveries: International nursing often presents opportunities you might not have once felt compelled to discover, or didn’t even know existed in the first place!
Meeting new healthcare professionals: Nurses with ACLS certification who work or volunteer outside of the United States are bound to meet other medical professionals and learn new perspectives. And it’s not just an opportunity for networking! Healthcare in the US is often driven by technology, but other countries may solve problems differently. This can provide valuable perspective on care delivery in the US.
Personal growth: While this might not seem like a direct benefit to your career, completely new work environments can act as stimuli for creative and analytical thinking! New ideas and experiences can provide inspiration and motivation and make you a better nurse.

The nursing shortage is real,
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