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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

The Chain of Survival (Figure 14) is a system of care that requires the use of successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The Chain of Survival is, as the saying goes, only as strong as its weakest link, like any chain. The link must be secured at all parts, from community leaders who can make the community better aware of cardiac arrest, to EMS crews that must always be informed of the latest developments and innovations in resuscitation to be able to deliver CPR effectively, to hospitals that can administer up-to-date cardiac arrest treatment and care, to reperfusion centers that have experts that have and understand the most recent technology. Because recovery from cardiac arrest continues long after the initial hospitalization, patients should have formal assessment and support for their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial needs.

Initiating the Chain of Survival

A person suffering cardiac arrest has a higher probability of survival when he or she is given early initiation of BLS. For the best odds to get through a cardiac event, the Adult Chain of Survival must be followed by the rescuer (Figure 14).

Adult Chain of Survival

BLS Chain of Survival - Adult

Figure 14

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