Airway Management

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Mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-mask, and bag-mask ventilation are the usual alternatives rescuers could select between when waiting for an advance airway system, which comes in the form of a supraglottic airway, laryngeal mask airway, or endotracheal tube that can provide a more stable and better way of breathing for the patient and should be inserted as early as possible in an effort to resuscitate the patient. The compression-to-breath ratio should be adjusted as prescribed below: (Table 1).

Take Note

100-120 pumps per minute is the recommended compression rate for all persons.

Compression to Breath RatioNo Advanced AirwayAdvanced Airway
Adult 30 compressions followed by two breathsOne breath every 6 to 8
seconds without pauses in compressions
Child/Infant15 compressions followed by two breaths

Table 1

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